Flexographic Printing

At Packaging Empire, you can get custom flexographic printed paper boxes, corrugated boxes, kraft paper boxes, bags, trays, cartons, shipping cartons, mailers, and book folders.

For flexographic printing, the ink is transferred directly from the printing plate to the paper board, unlike the offset printing. 


Flexo Printed Corrugated Carton Box

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Packaging Empire provides you with custom flexo-printed packaging boxes from one to eight-color printing.

Single Face Corrugated Board

F, E, B, C, A Flute Single Wall Corrugated Box

AB, BE, BC Flute Double Wall Corrugated Carton

Heavy Duty Triple Wall Corrugated Carton

Corrugated Shipping Boxes

Corrugated Mailing Boxes

Flexo Printed Die-cut Box

Flexo Printed Die-Cut Box

Custom Die-cut Mailer with the Flexo Printing

Custom Die-cut Mailer with the Flexo Printing

Flexo Printed Corrugated Mailer

The flexo printed corrugated mailer and folder are very common corrugated printed boxes. Your custom carton box can be flexo printed inside and outside to create a strong visual impact.

The B-Flute corrugated printed mailer below is flexo printed inside and outside. On the outside, the black stars are printed on the white kraft paper. On the inside, it is red color printed with the company logo.

Corrugated Carton Box Printed Inside & Outside

Corrugated Carton Box Printed Inside & Outside

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