Custom Foil Stamping for Custom Paper Box

Foil stamping is where a foil film is used to create vivid graphics on your custom printed packaging box. It gives your paper printed box a shiny, luxury look and feel.

This finishing is commonly used for custom paper boxes, cosmetic paper boxes, rigid paper boxes, corrugated printed boxes, and custom paper bags. It includes the metallic foil stamping and the holographic foil stamping.

Gold Foil Stamped Paper Box

Gold Foil Stamped Paper Box

You can choose the foil stamping finish if you want to…

1. Add a distinctive luxury feel to your custom printed packaging box
2. Make your high-end products, like cosmetic and beauty products, wine products and the gift products stand out in the overcrowded marketplace

The foil films comes in rolls in a wide variety of colors, finishes, and optical effects. The gold foil, silver foil, copper foil and holographic foil stamping are the most common.

Foil stamping also works great with embossing and debossing finish to create a captivating 3D image.

Foil Stamping Process

The foil stamping can be divided into 2 types, the hot foil stamping and cold foil stamping.

Hot Foil Stamping

In the hot foil stamping process, the sculpted metal plate comes in contact with the foil film under external pressure and heat, then the foil color is transferred to the intended paperboard. Temperature, pressure and speed are 3 important factors to achieve a good foil effect.
Silver Foil Stampping

Silver Foil Stampping

Silver Foil Stamped Paper Box

Silver Foil Stamped Paper Box

Cold Foil Stamping

In the cold foil stamping process, there are 4 main steps:


  • Print the UV-curable adhesive on to the paperboard by using the standard printing plates. The UV curable adhesive is a special type of glue, which can be dried instantly by the UV light. 
  • Nip the foil film onto the printed adhesive
  • The paperboard is exposed under the UV light, then the adhesive is cured (dried)
  • The foil corresponding to the adhesive area sticks to the tacky adhesive area on the paperboard and the bright shining foil effect is created on the custom paper box

Foil Stamping Colors

The common metallic foil has a metal-like sheen and gives a shimmering look to the foil stamped design on your custom paper box. Such foil is available in different metallic shades such as gold, rose gold, glossy silver, matt silver, bronze, and copper.

Foil Papers of Various Colors

Foil Papers of Various Colors

Holographic Foil Paper

Holographic Foil Paper

Holographic Foil Stamping

The holographic foil can transfer a 3D holographic image to the custom paper box to add an immersive effect to the foil designs.

The matte blue custom paper box below has the holographic foil stamping for the phoenix. 

Packaging Empire provides a wide range of holographic patterns for all your custom paper boxes, paper bags, and gift boxes. 

Holographic Foil Printed Paper Box

Holographic Foil Printed Paper Box

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