Custom Paper Box Printing & Finish

Packaging Empire offers a variety of printing and finish options for your custom paper boxes. The offset printing is the common choice for paper printed boxes, such as the E-Flute, F-Flute corrugated boxes, cosmetic paper boxes, rigid paper boxes, and retail paper boxes. The flexo printing is widely used for the kraft paper boxes, corrugated printed boxes, and corrugated shipping cartons. The screen printing is widely used for the kraft cartons, boxes and folders.

Printing Options

We provide you with high quality graphically printed packaging products. Choose from the list below to meet your specifications for quality, color, budget, quantity, and timing. 

Our printing service include manuals, catalogues, booklets, calendars, brochures.

Offset Printing

High quality graphics with a variety of specialty finishes — including foil stamping, embossing, laminating, varnishing, and metallic inks.


Ultra-impact color for corrugated cartons to make your packaging with eye-catching litho printed CCNB linerboard to single face corrugates.

Flexo Printing

Simple color printing for all your texts, images, and logo. The popular cost-effective printing for your shipping cartons and mailer boxes.

UV Printing

Superior printing quality with crisp colors and vivid images. Instant drying process via UV light exposure to expedite the production of your custom packaging boxes.

Silk Screen Printing

The popular choice for kraft paper boxes, blackboard paper boxes and custom paper boxes made of specialty paper.

Finish Options

The printing finish adds a final touch to your package, turning your ordinary packaging boxes, carriers, and paper bags into extraordinary works of art.

Packaging Empire provides a wide range of fabulous finishes for your custom packaging boxes and paper bags, so you can stand out in the overcrowded marketplace and wow your customers every single time.

Your finishing options include the laminating, embossing, variable data printing, varnishing, UV varnishing, spot UV, perforation, and foil stamping.


A clear thin plastic film to add instant durability and water-resistance to your custom packaging, as well as giving your customers the tactile feel of the smooth printed surface.


Varnishing finish gives your custom packaging a clear shiny, matte or silk coating to protect the color print and prevent the color ink from rubbing off.

UV Varnishing

A transparent coating that feels very smooth and thick that covers the packaging surface that dries immediately under UV light.

Spot UV

Spot UV can be used to add a captivating contrast for a particular area or your logo on your custom packaging surface.


Perforation is a simple and perfect tear-away or removable section on your custom printed box surface.


This method makes your logo, texts or images raise above the surface to create the 3D effect.

Variable Data

Easily add a QR code, promotional bar code, sequence of letters and numbers, name or address to your custom printed packaging boxes carriers, or paper bags.

Foil Stamping

Add a prestigious metallic finish to the packaging surface to increase the perceived value of your packaging and your products.


Create an unique and one of kind die-cut paper box for your product, or a customized folding carton box with the die-cutting and flat shape.

AQ Coating

A water-based coating with yellowing resistance, which is more environment friendly, but at a higher cost.

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