Custom Paper Bag

Beside custom paper printed boxes, corrugated printed boxes and rigid paper boxes, Packaging Empire also customizes various paper bags such as garment bags, shopping bags, cosmetic bags, kraft bags and other kinds of printed paper bags. For the finishing, embossing, debossing, spot UV, hot foil stamping, UV varnishing, glossy, matt laminating and varnishing are all available.

Paper Bag Materials

All the paper bags by Packaging Empire are exquisitely custom made. We provide you with a wide range of high quality paper materials, printing methods, and finishes to give help you impress your customers.

Paper Materials

For your paper bag materials, you can choose from art paper, solid bleached board, and kraft paper.

Art paper are widely used in the advertising sector, because of its high printing quality. The color of the original picture can be accurately reproduced on the paper bag, whether it is the glossy art paper or matt art paper. The solid bleached board, also called ivory board, are thicker coated paper with the grammage higher than 160gsm-180gsm. It is  more durable and has better printing quality than art paper. Kraft paper bags are used for those who require higher load bearing.

Rope Handle

For the paper bag rope, you can choose from the cotton string, twisted string, PP string, Silk String, PP webbing robe, ribbon, PVC tube, twisted paper string and leather rope.

Gold metallic logo paper bag

Gold Metallic Logo Paper Bag

Luxury Garment Paper Bag

Luxury Garment Paper Bag

Logo Spot UV Varnished Paper Bag

Logo Spot UV Varnished Paper Bag

Luxury Paper Bag with Ribbon Closure

Luxury Paper Bag with Ribbon Closure

Kraft Paper Bag

Kraft Paper Bag

Luxury Paper Bag with the Gold Foil Stamped Logo

Luxury Paper Bag with the Gold Foil Stamped Logo

Paper Bag Styles

For our paper bag production, we adopt the standard bag style and use the paper bag making machine to make and print the paper bag on the flow line. Thus we can finish the mass production soon within 1 or 2 weeks even if the order quantity is tens of thousands of. Also the unit shopping bag costs is reduced too.

The first image below shows you the standard dieline and layout for the paper bag mass production. The second picture illustrates how you can give us the size of your paper bag for us to mass produce with high accuracy.

Paper Bag Dieline and Layout

Paper Bag Dieline and Layout

How to Measure a Paper Bag

How to Measure a Paper Bag

Custom Luxury Paper Bag Order Details


Our products are produced by following the international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SGS, BV.

A Complete Guide for Paper Bag Purchasing

Know your target

When it comes to ordering a paper bag, you need consider your target market so you’ll know how to choose the right materials, print design and finishing.

To know your target, just ask yourself this simple question. What functions would you like the paper bags perform for you?

The paper bag usually has two primary functions, carrying and marketing. Paper bag help customers carry items easily and conveniently, besides being a great marketing tool for business owners to increase their brand awareness, which opens up new opportunities.


So which one is your top priority?

If you just want to let your customers carry your products easily, you need to focus on the strength and durability. It would be a shame if your wine bottle falls out of the bag and breaks just because the bag is not strong enough. Usually a plain kraft bag would do the job.

However, if you wish promote your brand and leave a deep impression, you need to take all factors into consideration, including workmanship, paper materials, rope handles, print designs, as well the finishes. A small mistake can have a disastrous effect.


Choose the Proper Paper Material

A beautiful paper bag begins with the right paper material that will deliver performance, quality and dependability for the product it holds. Whether it is for an exquisite shopping bag with the prominent spot UV varnished logo or a plain brown Kraft food bag, choosing the proper materials is critical for the marketing and visual effect.

How do we choose the proper paper materials?

Paper Types for the Paper Bag

Three types of paperboards are mostly used in the paper bag printing, SBS C1S ( Solid Bleached Sulfate, coated on one side), CUK ( coated unbleached kraft paperboard) and specialty paper.

SBS C1S  ( Solid Bleached Sulfate, Coated on One Side)

SBS paper is a coated paper and contains at least 80% natural bleached virgin wood. Its incredible physical properties, like brightness, whiteness and smoothness make it very suitable for the high quality graphics printing for the paper bag. Nearly 90% of paper shopping bags are made of the SBS C1S, because of its splendid printing quality on the litho offset press.  Major industries that use SBS:

  • Cosmetic and beauty products packaging bag
  • Gift and jewelry bag
  • Clothing packaging bag

In Australia, Hong Kong and China mainland, the C1S SBS is often referred to as the ivory board or art paper. And the art paper is slightly different from the ivory board. In the United States and Canada, people prefer to use the term C1S SBS.  We will use the term art paper in the description below.

CUK (Coated Unbleached Kraft paperboard)

Also known as the white Kraft paper, CUK (Coated Unbleached Kraft paperboard) is made of the solid unbleached board coated with a thin layer of kaolin clay, which contains at least 80% natural bleached virgin wood. It is extremely durable, thus very suitable for heavy duty packaging.  Besides, it is a great eco-friendly option because it is 100% recyclable. The main usages include:

  • Frozen food packaging bag
  • Heavy duty packaging and carrying
  • Beverage carrying bag
Specialty Paper

One typical specialty paper is the black specialty paper with matt black color. With either silver hot foil stamping or the spot UV varnishing, this specialty paper bag looks fabulous with a luxurious feel.

Besides the black specialty paper, there are a lot more patterns and textures to choose from.


Paper Grammage and Thickness

Usually the more prestigious the packaging bag, the thicker the paper. Also the grammage and thickness of the paper material have a huge impact on the bag’s endurance.

Usually 157gsm (6-8pt), 210gsm (10-11pt) paper is recommended for the paper bag. And 300gsm (15-17pt) or above art pape can be used when a heavy duty packaging is required.


Paper Bag Handles

The handle plays an important role in the bag’s performance, aesthetically and functionally. With a good handle, the paper bag can be used for months to a year. The 2 common types of handles are the grosgrain ribbon handles and the rope handles.

For rope handles, the 3 common materials are the nylon, cotton and the paper. Nylon has the best durability and endurance; the cotton rope handle is the most popular handles used for the paper bag because of the comfortable grip; and the paper rope handle can make the paper bag like a piece of great artwork with the right design.

Nylon usually costs more than the paper, and the cotton handle is the cheapest.

For large paper bags, rivets are required to fasten the handles to the paper bag.


Finishing options for your custom paper bag

The printing finish helps to add the luxurious feel, transforming an ordinary paper bag into a captivating artwork. The process is similar to paper printed boxes and corrugated printed boxes and gift paper boxes.

Lamination makes the paper bag water-proof and more durable. With the glossy laminating, the paper bag will look very shiny and eye-catching. Matt laminating gives the paper bag a smooth, elegant texture.

In the mean time, spot UV, hot foil stamping, embossing and debossing can also be used to increase the perceived value of your custom paper bag.

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