E-Flute Corrugated Printed Box

Packaging Empire offers you various custom E-Flute corrugated boxes, folders and mailers, as well as the EE-Flute corrugated boxes. Also, the E-Flute corrugated boxes can be printed inside and outside to create higher perceived value.

The E-flute corrugated board is around 0.0625″ thick for the E-Flute board. The number of flutes is around 94 per linear foot, giving the board a smooth surface for high-graphics printing and great cushioning.

E-Flute Litho Laminated Box Illustration

E-Flute Litho Laminated Box Illustration

The Benefits of E-Flute Printed Box

The E-Flute corrugated box is easy to fold and has excellent offset printing quality, giving you both strength, cushioning, and beauty.

An excellent smoothly printed surface which shows the minimum flute lines or washboardings.

The slimness means warehouse storage and shipment can accommodate more boxes, thus reducing warehousing and freight fees.

Great cushioning property and structural strength

Widely used for the high-quality printed packaging

Ideal for the custom-printed die-cut folding boxes

Light-weight, the perfect alternative to the typical paperboard

Shoe Cleaner Box with UV Varnishing

Shoe Cleaner Box with UV Varnishing

Printing and Finish for the E-Flute Printed Box

Applications of the E-Flute printed box includes boxes for retail branding promotions for beauty and cosmetic products, retailing products, and kitchenware products due to its high quality graphically printing.

Your customized E-Flute printed box can be fully color printed inside and out.

Printing options: CMYK 4 process color and the PMS pantone colors
Finish options: Matte, glossy, varnishing, UV, laminating, spot UV for the logo

E-Flute Corrugated Mailer Box Flat Shipped

E-Flute Corrugated Mailer Box, Flat Shipped

Custom E-Flute Box Features

At Packaging Empire, we supply a wide range of custom-printed E-Flute corrugated boxes:

Custom size, print design, finish and paper materials

High-quality full color printing for your products to stand out and boost your brand recognition

A variety of customized finishing options, including gold/silver foil stamping, embossing and debossing, and spot UV varnishing.

E Flute T-shirt Packaging Box for Mailing Purpose Glossy Laminated

E Flute T-shirt Packaging Box for Mailing Purpose Glossy Laminated

E-Flute Corrugated Box Styles

The common E-Flute corrugated box styles are the reverse tuck end paper box, roll end tuck top paper box with the dust flaps, straight tuck end paper box, mailer style box, tuck top auto bottom box, and tuck top snap bottom box.

Usage of E-Flute Corrugated Box

E-Flute corrugated box can be litho printed to give luxury look. A matte E-Flute box can be spot UV varnished or glossy silver hot stamped to increase the perceived value.

Besides the common single flute E-Flute corrugated boxes, there are also double EE-Flute, or EE-Flute corruaged boxes. The carton boxes with double E-Flute wall structure provides extra strength, rigidity and durability to packaging boxes.

Beside marketing purposes, the E-Flute corrugated box is also widely used for retail and mailing purposes, due to its combination of beauty and strength.

E-Flute Corrugated Box Printed Inside and Out

Sliding Box Match Box Style

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